What is the procedure of building a temple?

2021-06-29 14:39

——The procedures for the construction of temples are as follows:

1. It must be an ancient temple. The temple can not be built, but can only be restored and rebuilt, so we must find the site or read the local county annals.

2. The resident invited the abbot monk. At least 30-100 monks (provide the number of the conversion certificate) should write a joint letter to determine the name of the monks and provide their resumes. They should also go to the county, district or local religious bureau to learn about the local policies and requirements.

3. Reporting: submit an application to the local Buddhist Association. After investigation, the local Buddhist Association will send an application report to the local bureau of democracy and religion.

4. Official reply: after the local minzong bureau understands the situation, if it has the conditions to build the temple, it will approve the preparation permission.

5. Construction application: provide planning and design drawings, fire protection drawings, environmental impact assessment and other reports;

6. Construction: safety construction and acceptance after construction;

7. Certification: the local bureau of civil and religious affairs can issue a permit for religious activities, and the legal representative must be a monk.

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