National cultural center of Thailand

2021-06-03 11:44

One belt, one road of China's international culture and cultural exchange, is the international bidding project of the national cultural center in Bangkok, Thailand. In order to promote the culture of the world and provide a platform for cultural exchanges with the whole world, the government hopes to acquire international creativity and design. As a Chinese company, Thailand has been invited to participate in the international bidding under the background of "one belt and one road" initiative and interconnection and so on. The international government has invited the international government to invite the international bidding in Thailand. He won the design competition through two rounds of competition, and druan won the first prize in the international competition for the design of Thailand Cultural Center.

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The cultural center of Thailand is located in the city center of Bangkok. The planning area is 29005 square meters. Design tasks include 4800 square meters of super theater; Black box theater 5000 square meters; 3D / 4D theme cinema, 200 square meters; 800 square meters of conference room and reception room; Cultural information center and electronic library 650 square meters; 1100 square meters of public restaurants and canteens; 700 square meters of souvenir shops, kiosks and convenience stores; Cultural Center Management Office 500 square meters; The workshop covers 5000 square meters.

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The design practice focuses on the nature and humanity, and comprehensively analyzes the historical context, regional culture, site characteristics, climate, hydrology and other aspects of the project site.

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Thailand's culture and art is long-standing, rich and multi-level. The expression of cultural elements in architecture and architectural space requires in-depth study of Thailand's history, humanities and art to find suitable design elements and refine the concept of culture and art design.

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Beijing deluan architectural planning and Design Institute is a reliable professional design institute with international vision. Since its establishment in 2009, it has formed five advantageous business sectors, namely urban design, cultural tourism scenic area, religious architecture, Zen garden, decoration design and theater architectural design.

High quality design has won many honors at home and abroad

The design of Baoqing temple in Xianghe, Hebei Province won the first prize of best architectural design awarded by China National Architecture Research Association in 2017( Click to view the planning scheme of Baoqing Temple)

In the international competition for the design of national cultural center of Thailand organized by the Thai Ministry of culture from 2019 to 2020, druan won the first prize, won the cordial reception of Princess Sirindhorn, the royal family of Thailand, and completed the architectural engineering design with super theater as the main body( Click to view the planning scheme of Thailand Cultural Center)

In 2019, he was invited to work out the master plan for Wanghai temple in Dongtai, Wutai Mountain, one of the four famous Buddhist mountains in China( Click to view the planning scheme of Wanghai Temple)

In 2019, he was invited by the Nepalese government to prepare a master plan for the northern part of the Holy Garden in Lumbini, the hometown of Buddha( Click to view the planning scheme of the Northern District of Lumbini Holy Garden)

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